iProvider: Vendor Portal

Establish a direct communication channel for asset and services acquisition.
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Vendor Portal

Our iProvider is a solution to manage and automate supply chain efficiently based on agile information exchange between businesses and vendors. iProvider is a CSTI Corp native solution for SAP Cloud Platform.
iProvider Main Features:
User self-management
Vendor evaluation compliant with business internal policies
Documentation tracking
Filters to track documentation status
Upload and download supporting documentation
ERP Integration

+65% Process simplification and agility

60% Processing cost reduction

100% content and simple monitoring

100% improvement in business relations

Purchase transparency and efficacy


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Scope of the Solution

Vendor management: Allows the validation and registration of vendors through a dynamic workflow among other functions.
Payment receipt management: Allows the preregistration of physical and electronic invoices of vendors.
Electronic purchases: Allows discount management, vendor quotations, creates comparative tables of various vendor bids, historic data searches among others.
Chatbot: Online support for vendors
Stock management: Allows to send purchase orders of goods, services, and imports as well as to register material entries and service advances.
Analytic reports or dashboards: Visualize information in a comprehensive and organized manner.
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