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Equip your team with the necessary skills to ensure your SAP project success.
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Implementing ERP SAP requires a well-trained staff ready to successfully use it.

The learning curve may be complex for untrained staff. In order to satisfy this need, many companies use our SAP staffing services, however, training and certifying your own team is the ideal long-term solution.
Our corporate heritage and vast experience reflect the quality of our training programs. Our team of SAP-certified instructors and teaching methods have proven to be equally effective in small and large-scale projects.

How Can CSTI Help Your Business?

CSTI Corp is committed to providing your team with comprehensive and scalable knowledge about the use of SAP applications.

Our training programs include

- Onsite/Offsite personalized training - Certification specific training - Business processes procedure design - Training documentation development

This training program includes:

- Training for the project core team - End-user training - Delta training for specific tasks -Organizational change management
As a certified SAP Gold Partner CSTI is a trustworthy associate that will train your staff as they would train their own.
Adopt applications faster
Improve your team's performance
Accelerate ROI on your SAP project
Reduce mistakes and time
Improve decision-making processes

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