SAP SuccessFactors

Manage human resources from the cloud to better connect with the best talent and improve your employees' experience impacting positively your business results.
Manage human resources with SuccessFactors

What is SAP SuccessFactors?

Regardless of your business goals, your workforce is undoubtedly your most important asset. SAP SuccessFactors is a highly strategic solution that aligns your business objectives to those of your employees.
This solution helps you identify high-performing employees, attract the best talent available on the market, and build trust with your top talent to improve productivity in every business area.

How May CSTI Corp Help Your Business?

SAP SuccessFactors offers a centralized well-rounded solution for talent management integrating data analysis for workforce planning. SuccessFactors Modules:
Employee Portal. General overview of your employee information up to date.
Recruiting. Speed up the selection process with an optimized talent management search.
Onboarding. Smoothen the integration of new employees to your company within teams and roles.
Goal and Performance Management. Communicate strategies, create meaningful individual goals, keep your workforce focus on business objectives, and track employee progress in real-time.
SAP JAM (employees social network). Organizational social network.
Compensation. Control and keep track of objectives and performance to properly compensate your talent.
Succession and Development. Employee competency analysis
Training. Employees can access content for career development, track their progress, and evaluate their results.
Workforce Planning. Workforce analysis, headcount, current openings, workforce forecast.
Workforce Analysis. Multiple analysis options for all users and functionalities.
Workforce Analysis. Multiple analysis options for all users and functionalities.
CSTI Corp offers a solution to improve management perception, improves decision-making, and ensures that you hire the right people for the right job based on their skills and performance.
"CSTI Corp is our strategic partner for all of our SAP requirements".
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