Safe return to work
A collaborative mobile tool that will contribute to the economic reactivation of your company in face of  COVID-19, by ensuring your team's well-being on-site or remotely, while complying with security and occupational health guidelines in the workplace.
  • Social distancing monitoring via Bluetooth
  • Evidence Track Record link to your organization's security protocols (photos/audios/videos)
  • Incident Track Record (photos/audios/videos)
  • Beacons (bracelets or collars) and mobiles Android & iOS (Online & Off-Line).

Main Features

Distance Monitoring

Real-time geolocalization allows monitoring of the physical location and proximity of employees among their team members (Bluetooth).

Evidence Track Record

Evidence track record linked to your organization's security protocol backed on photos, audios, and videos.

COVID-19 Questionnaires

Activity record and surveys regarding employees' health to assess possible symptoms or risk of contracting  COVID-19.

Data Analytics

Statistics and charts based on reported incidents and evidence.

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Manage your organization's well-being

iSafe+ offers you real-time visibility about your employees' location, status, and risk.


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