SAP Vehicle Insights

Develop new business models with analysis and telematics of connected vehicles.
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What is Vehicle Insights?

SAP Vehicle Insights is an SAP Leonardo application that allows you to monitor the state of your vehicle fleet in real-time. Accessing your fleet's full data, your company will be able to process analytics to deep-dive into strategies to improve your customer service and create business opportunities. SAP vehicle Insights enable you to collect, map, store, and analyze data from integrated sensors in your vehicles.
SAP Vehicle Insights is a scalable platform implemented in the cloud that will also speed up storage processes and increase the revenue of your fleet as well as, optimizing fuel consumption.

The application allows you to collect and process data like:

- Engine condition - Tank position - Speed - Temperature - Tire condition - Fuel consumption - Driver Conduct - Geolocation

Monitor your fleet in real-time

Speed up storage processes

Integrate Vehicle Insights with the rest of your SAP infrastructure to reveal more competitive advantages.

Optimize your vehicle fleet profits.

How May CSTI Corp Help Your Business?

CSTI Corp will provide a team of certified consultants to advise you in the implementation and management of your SAP Vehicle Insights project. We will help your business define a suitable model to adopt this solution and discover its potential based on your own company's data.
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