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Take your customers' interaction to the next level with our text and voice-enabled chatbot platform.
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What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program through which people can communicate via messaging or voice applications. Chatbots create a bilateral conversation based on artificial intelligence. Our chatbots are coded to be independent enough to execute simple actions like registering users, providing product information, comparing products, and solving support questions.
Artificial intelligence allows the chatbot to understand and solve the queries of clients and learn from each interaction. Chatbots are programmed using predefined rules from a decision tree that resulted in automated knowledge, meaning that, our chatbot, operates in limited areas of expertise related to common issues. CSTI Corp Chatbots offer a virtual agent capable of interacting with your clients in a natural way. These interactions include a vast range of actions.
CTSI Corp relies on the necessary tools and platforms to provide a complete Chatbot solution well-aligned with your business's needs and objectives.
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Voice Activation

Implement voice-prompted chatbots for Google Home, Alexa, and Cortana as well as text prompted robots.

24/7 and Scalable

The chatbot allows you to assist your clients throughout the day. They are a reliable employee always available and precise.

Support in Multiple Languages

Interact with your clients at the same level of efficiency regardless of their language. A trilingual Bot may change easily from one language to another in the same conversation.

SAP and Non SAP Solutions Integration

Connect your chatbot to any external communication channel, any SAP product, or back-end system using the connect chatbot feature.


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