SAP Connected Goods

Connect, monitor, and control a vast amount of client-focused mass marketing devices.
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What is Connected Goods?

SAP Connected Goods is an IoT-based solution in the cloud designed to maximize the value of your mass marketing devices like beverage freezers, coffee machines, vending machines, construction tools, or health care equipment.
SAP Connected Goods allows monitoring key indicators about product conditions, inventory, client interactions, general usage, all combined with commerce data in real-time.
Real-time audits of inventory, state, and state parameters to ensure its quality and availability.
Contextual alerts to identify and respond to operation deviations or business needs.
SAP integration to add business context to data sensors and trigger actions based on business rules.
Automated alerts of process deviations away from business needs.

How May CSTI Corp Help your Business?  

CSTI Corp will provide a team of certified consultants to implement and manage your SAP Connected Goods project, which will allow you to collect and analyze data remotely, using sensors connected to devices to maximize your business value and impact.
We will transform your fixed assets into valuable business objects in hand with IoT and back-end systems that will interconnect and obtain strategic information and turn it into actionable operational intelligence.
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