iAssets: Fix Asset Control

Control you fix assets in real-time with an IoT certified Strategic Partner
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iAssets is a fixed asset control solution backed on the Internet of Things (IoT), that facilitates precise asset information, collection, and management via RFID (radiofrequency identification) using label tags. These tags provide a description of the physical characteristics, location, and ownership of all assets. iAssets is a CSTI native tool developed for SAP Cloud Platform.
Main iAssets Features:
Precise and fast asset collection using RFID tags
Collect bulk information to speed up inventory management.
Assign and identify asset ownership
Online asset tracking for missing, exceeding, or modified items
SBN Code asset validation

80% workload reduction

100% real-time asset location

Improve asset traceability and control

Report Automation

Reduce the risk of losing assets

Scope of the Solution
iAssets of CSTI Corp uses RFID technology to collect and store data remotely by adhering RFID tags to fixed assets, which will allow, their real-time online management and monitoring in communication with our RFID satellites that will be strategically placed in your facilities.


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